The Olympic Distance Triathlon, sometimes referred to as International Distance, is a 1.5-K swim (.9 miles), 40-K bike (24.9 miles), and a 10-K run (6.2 miles).  This is the perfect distance for those who want to challenge themselves to achieve greater mileage while still maintaining a rather comfortable distance.  Our program includes rest days, a variety of intensity levels, and bricks (combining 2 disciplines on the same day).  Whether you are hoping to improve your speed or increase your mileage, our personalized training program can help you.  You will have constant access to your online coach with any questions you may have throughout your training. We are here to support you all the way to the finish.

 15-week training program, $195.00

"After several years, I decided to turn contemplation into action.  I decided to sign up for the Ironman Triathlon in Madison, Wisconsin in September, 2006.   I have been athletic my entire life but, all ego aside, as a novice triathlete, I knew that to have any real chance of success, I would need a coach to help achieve my goal.  I chose Train2Race, LLC because they had the experience and personalized tools that I was looking for.  Annie was with me all the way through the finish line!!"  

 - Tom, Ironman

" I have used training programs in the past, but you create a program specifically around my time availabilities, which allows me to train the best I can and at times that are convenient for me. As a working mom, that means the world to me! The personal attention and availability you provide is very beneficial throughout the training process.  You answer every question I have, and you support me throughout my entire training. Thank you!”

– Nicole, Olympic Triathlon

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Sprint Triathlons are the fastest growing triathlon races in the United States.  The distance is typically a 750-meter swim (500 meters is also common), 20-K bike (12.4 miles), and a 5-K run (3.1 miles).  This is a very manageable and fun distance that is enjoyable for all levels of athletes.  This distance is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the sport of triathlons and is a very comfortable distance for those who are working on developing speed and success in the sport of triathlons.  Regardless of your goal, our personalized training program can help you achieve your objectives.  We will gradually take you through this 12-week program, specifying training intensities to gain a more in-depth view into your training.

12-week training program, $155.00 







Ironman triathlons include a 3.8-K swim (2.4 miles), 180-K bike (112 miles), and a 42-K run (26.2 miles). Before starting this program, you should have prior triathlon experience and a solid aerobic base.  This is a very challenging event, but the payoffs are enormous! Our personalized training programs can help you accomplish the dream you are seeking.  You will find our programs structured to your time – day after day. (View a sample schedule here).Yours will be a plan that is made especially for you!  Throughout your training program, you will have as much communication with your online coach as you need and the support to carry you through. You will also have weekly check-ups with your coach to track your progress and make sure you are on the right track. Our program will gradually build your aerobic base and challenge you to reach the next level. We will also provide specific race course information that will prepare you for the big event. Our 34-week program has shown great results for those who are dreaming of becoming the next Ironman.  Let us support you through your Ironman training.

34-week training program, $450.00

- PERSONALIZED daily training schedules (click here to see a sample schedule)

- Client discounts on brand name shoes, clothes, and apparel. 

- Ability to communicate one-on-one every day with your coach

- Fitness articles delivered weekly 

- Tips and information on specific race courses and advice for race day 

- Training logs that you can use for tracking and calculating your progress 

- Pre- and post- race day check-in with your coach


The Half Ironman Triathlon is a 1.9-K swim (1.2 miles), 90-K bike (56 miles), and 21-K run (13.1 miles). The Half Ironman is a fast growing distance for triathlons and is perfect for those athletes who have experienced shorter triathlons and are ready to take the next step forward – possibly even to the full Ironman distance.  Consider your time commitments over the chosen 22 week period as this program will require time and dedication. Still, our customized training program will work around your schedule to make sure you can achieve your goals.  We plan the long rides and runs on the days that are most convenient for you.  On swim days, we don't just designate how long you should swim, but we also provide swim workouts that promote confidence and speed in your swimming.  We are right beside you every step of the way, constantly bringing you new information, training tips, and encouragement.

 22-week program, $290.00