"I had always dreamed of running a marathon, as one of those very unrealistic goals that I didn't actually believe my lazy body could ever achieve. Sure enough, with gradual training (think months of baby steps), I was able to increase my endurance and even began to enjoy running! It still surprises me that I ran 26.2 miles! Annie and Sam both have such positive, fun energy -- they're a natural source of motivation. They truly inspired me." 

- Allyson, Marathon

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Our goal at Train2Race, LLC is to provide affordable training for our clients to succeed in the sports of running and triathlons.   Through a personalized coaching plan  specific to your needs and goals, we help you maximize your racing experience while educating you on the fundamentals of fitness.  We believe that a well-balanced combination of physical training, nutrition, and drive will enable you to utilize running and triathlons to obtain many physical, mental, and emotional benefits. We strive to help you in your athletic accomplishments – racing farther and/or faster than you ever have before.   


Annie began her athletic career as a Division I volleyball player where she discovered the life-changing effect athletics can have on a person. She started her professional career in athletics coaching successful volleyball teams at both the high school and club levels.  She also worked as a certified swim instructor and taught youth swimming.

While attending graduate school in Boston, she was captivated by the sport of running while assisting a charity in raising funds through the Boston Marathon, and she has been an avid participant in endurance sports ever since.  She  competes in both road and trail racing for triathlons and running events (from 5k's to marathons), and is also highly involved in the community promoting endurance sports. She worked with Tri4Schools - a non-profit that puts on youth triathlons and running events, where all funds go to local area schools. She worked for Nike as a run pace leader, mentor, and race promotional assistant in Santa Monica, California, and also raced with the Los Angeles Triathlon Club.  She was a board member for Girls on The Run - an organization which promotes running as a vehicle for self-esteem for girls in grades 3-8. She was also a race director for the New Balance Girls on The Run of Dane County 5k.  She is a certified professional through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and teaches weekly running and cycling group fitness classes.  She has trained many runners and triathletes throughout the country–coaching all levels and abilities from first time runners to participants (finishers!) in Ironman competitions–and has been instrumental in helping them reach their performance goals.  Annie received her Bachelors Degree from the University of Wisconsin, and her Masters Degree from Boston University.

Sam started his athletic career as a casual runner, in hopes to lose some extra weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  He quickly discovered that he had a great passion for running, and became a marathoner - running in the Boston Marathon four times. Sam has been racing for over ten years, and has competed in all the racing distances for both triathlons and running.  He has run over 10 marathons,  consistently runs at the top of his age group, and was a top area finisher at Ironman Wisconsin.   While living in Santa Monica, California, he trained with the Los Angeles Triathlon Club. He competes in dozens of triathlons and running events every year.  With his vast experience and dedication to the sports of triathlons and running, Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to Train2Race, LLC.  He has mentored numerous runners and triathletes at all levels - and worked for Nike as a run leader for their weekly training runs, educating beginners on such things as running technique, form, and speed training. Sam received his Bachelors Degree from Boston College.